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Breakfast – a Recipe from the Great EthiopiaBarley or wheat porridge/Genfo Breakfast – Food from the Magnificent Ethiopia

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Breakfast – Barley or wheat porridge/Genfo Genfo is a breakfast adored. Popular among expectant and new mothers.

deep cooking pot
small serving bowls

2 cups corn, barley or wheat flour
4 cups water
to taste salt
½ cup butter or oil
1 Tbsp. red pepper (berbere) or red pepper paste (awaze)

How to create Breakfast
Boil water, many butter or oil and salt together in a deep pot. Place half of the liquid in a bowl for later use. Add barley or wheat flour to remaining liquid on stove, sprinkling it and inspiring time after time to avoid lumps. When the mixture thickens, add a little water from the bowl and hang on to inspiring until it resembles a smooth, thick butter. Remove from heat and serve in small bowls. Form a well in the core. Add a mixture of red pepper and left-over oil or butter. Eat by means of using dipping genfo into mixture using spoon. Serves 6. May be right away refrigerated appropriate most tasteful when served straight away.

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