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Dried fish – a Recipe from the Outstanding North Africa

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Dried fish Yeassa Qwant’a is generally a snack food served on special occasions such as during a fasting period. It is very much versatile and can be consumed as it is, fried, cooked in a sauce, or rationale to powder and stewed. (Ye’assa Minchet Abish)

glass jar or plastic bag
covered container or plastic bags

10 Ibs. fish fillet
to taste salt
2 Tbsp. red pepper paste (awaze)
1 Tbsp. lemon juice

How to cook Dried fish – Yeassa Qwant’a
Remove bones from the fillets and reduce into long strips. Mix salt, red pepper paste (awaze), black pepper and lemon juice hand in hand. Pour over the fish strips and toss until evenly coated. Dehydrate meat or hang fish until completely dry (4 – 5 days). Break dried fish into smaller pieces and serve raw or fried.

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