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Yemashila Injera – a Recipe from the Striking East Africa

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Yemashila Injera - Injera made from sorghum Yemashila injera unlike everything injeras is slightly thick. It is served with all forms of dishes on any opportunity.

large pancake pan or medium frying pan deep mixing bowl

Elements of Yemashila Injera:
1 ½ Ibs. sorghum flour
1 pkt. yeast
6 cups water

How to fix Yemashila Injera Injera made from sorghum
Mix sorghum flour with 6 cups of water till the mixture is thin. Add 1 packet yeast and mix well. Keep till mixture springs up.
Preheat pancake pan at 420o. Take ¾ cup of the mixture and pour into the pan steadily , starting at the edge, going clockwise, in circles and coming to the core. Let it hang about for 3-4 minutes. When eager the rim of the sorghum injera will rise from the pan. Remove instantly and place on a clean cloth to cool. Sorghum injera can be covered and stored in a cool place or refrigerated for about 2-3 days. Makes 6-8 servings.

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